Deeper Connection with the Tarot

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Deeper Connection with the Tarot

Post#1 » Mon Nov 30, 2015 11:00 am

I love Tarot - started working with it about 8-9 years ago I think... One of the first tools I really got proficient at - I almost always get great readings with tarot and have found it helpful in meditations in the past. When I am having trouble figuring things out tarot is often the tool I fall back on - one of my most trusted allies in a way.

All of that being said, I think I could go deeper with tarot. Readings are easy and accurate for me but there is so much more to tarot then just readings! I have studied the cards as well as personal mirrors - using the major arcana as lessons about the self... But I want to get to know the spirits of the cards more deeply (specifically major arcana spirits).

Anyone have advice about this? I think Talerman might and probably some other members as well.....

So far some meditations I used to do but have not done in a long time were:
- Meditating on a major arcana and writing down everything that comes to mind for each card
- Meditating on the card then trying to reconstruct it in my minds eye (eyes closed) - going for accuracy
- Meditating on the card and then trying to step into the card and see what is around the edges of the card
- Meditating on the card and then trying to see things from the perspective of the card itself - i.e. seeing things from the perspective of the Hermit or the Fool ect....
- Doing Affirmations with the cards

These were great meditations and helped me understand the card meanings and personalities.... I havent done these meditations in a few years though (my practice has gotten much deeper since I used to do these meditations). I have a feeling there is a way to work more specifically with the cards as spiritual guides and allies though - to have more direct conversations with the cards.

Any suggestions here? Also, I do practice invocation/evocation a lot, but in a different style then most people here (mostly plant spirits or personal guides), so if you suggest certain styles of evocation I may ask for some more specific suggestions on the mechanics since these spirits are a bit different....

Off the top of my head a few methods I am considering but havent really tried yet include:
- Doing journey work (similar to astral projection) to the card and asking the spirit to appear and talk with me, or asking my guides to help me connect with the spirit (journey work is not my specialty lately though)
- Do plant ceremony and ask the plant to help me connect with the spirit of a card while in the trance state (this is closest to my current style of working and may be easiest but I dont know that plants are the best teachers about tarot)
- Try to evoke the spirits with an altar and "conjuration" recitation type deal (this seems more along the western occult style, and while I have a little experience with this style of calling spirits I dont have much experience here and could use suggestions or tips)
- Dedicate a week or a month or some other time period to each card where they sit on my altar and and maybe I will say a prayer each day asking the spirit to connect with me in meditation or dreams (I could see this working but it may take more time, and I dont often meditate lately and dreams come in spurts for me)

Any thoughts? Any suggestions? Other methods you have tried or might think of trying? Anyone else want to compare notes and work on this together?

:Thank You
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