Why are angels tougher to get in touch with ?

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Why are angels tougher to get in touch with ?

Post#1 » Tue Jun 14, 2016 10:30 am

Something that I've been noticing for quite some times now.

I find easier to have cthonic spirits showing up in my dreams than angels/archangels.

Why so ?

I guess that people here will tell that cthonic spirits are closer to our physical realms and are focused on our carnal desires which makes them more willing to show up and manifest.

Still, when requesting some spiritual developments I find angels tougher to get in touch with and this makes me wonder.

It also explains to me why some people do prefer to work with cthonic spirits since they got results and/or manifestations faster. I have the feeling that you have to "deserve" the manifestation of the angels/archangels and that they will be more testy with you before showing up. Like being a priviledge to have them manifesting. Am I wrong in my assumption ?

Don't get me wrong, I got results with some angels. Few months ago I was in a very stressful situation which needed some strenght that I didn't have back then. I turned to an angel to help me giving me the strenght to overcome all the obstacles and clear up all that need to be fixed and he did. Now looking back at all that I've done looks like an impossible mission. But it was subtle : not any dreams or manifestations, but instead some extra mental and physical strenght which allowed me to have everthing done.

Also at that time I've been unfaithfully wronged by a woman at my work. She was new in the Cie and put some real mess in my work life and without any reason. I performed a ritual with another angel. I didn't ask for revenge I just asked for divine justice. It took some times but a couple of months later terrible things did happen to that woman and she deserved it. I really did realize at that point how terrible angels can be when you petition them with a just cause.

Still I find more difficult toi have DIRECT contact with angels. They seem less reachable than others spirits.

So, while I couldn't say that angells are not responsive I still wonder why it seems more difficult to have encounters with them than with the dead or demons.

Is it the reason why many people do consider Angels as douchebags ?

Many questions in this post, forgive me about it. I just would love to have insights from more experienced magicians. Thank you.
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