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Lunar magic

Posted: Sun Jun 19, 2016 11:21 pm
by talerman
This topic should be hopefully helpful to the magician to better understand:

- Yesod from the magical point of view;
- The Moon rhythms, phases and cycles;
- Different magical aids for the moon magic;
- Analogies between the Moon and lunar colors, oils, plants, stones and animals;
- Analogies between the Moon and tarot and Enochian magic;
- Lunar concepts and phenomena (foundation, astral illusions, water of Yesod, dreams, imagination and fantasy);
- Shaddai El Chai;
- Shem-ha-meforash and the Moon magic.

This thread is also about discussions of the topics such as:

- Lunar people and civilizations;
- Different planes of the Moon;
- Lunar angels and different lunar angelic orders;
- Greek, Roman, Egyptian moon gods and lunar deities in other traditions;
- Lunar astrology;
- Understanding the function of 28 lunar mansions from the magical point of view.

And finally, this thread provides a chance for the magician to be:

- Initiated into the Moon zone;
- Trained for traveling to the Moon and for astral and mental wandering around the Moon zone;
- Successful at evocation of Archangel Gabriel and other lunar spirits;
- Familiar with 28 heads of the Moon zone;
- Effective with banishing the negative influences of the Moon.

I think that I can help with the moon magic, but I won't be pushing myself with my monologs. I don't want to be boring to myself and others.