A Picatrix Election for Enduring Love

The Evocation and Invocation of Angelic and Planetary Spirits.

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A Picatrix Election for Enduring Love

Post#1 » Sun May 28, 2017 12:01 pm

“Make two images, and put one of the Fortunes at the ascendant and the Moon in Taurus conjunct Venus. Write on on one image a number, that is, a figure of al-Khwarismi, the sort that begin with 0 - for 220 in the proper place, and on the other image write the same kind of figure for 284 in the proper place. Join the two figures together in an embrace, and then there will be perfect love between the two" - Picatrix, Book 1, Chapter 5. Greer and Warnock translation

The elected time for London, UK is 2:28am on 20 June 2017. You can start creating the image up to 10 minutes before and end the creation of the image up to ten minutes later. Any further ritual work you can do as soon as the image is created.

The Work

1. Create the images at the time elected. You can make wax images or simply print out a photograph of the people you want to join together.
2. Write the amicable numbers (220 and 248) over the heart area of each person in the photograph, one number for each person. Cense with a Venus or love incense, anoint with a Venus or love oil.
3. Invoke the Angel or other Spirits of Venus as you join the figures together face to face (I like to use honey to do this).
4. Either carry this prepared talisman with you, or, if it is more appropriate, bury or place it in a significant place. e.g., in your zenana, or a bedroom, or in your front or back yard.

More details are available on my blog linked below. If you are somewhere other than London and want to make use of this election, PM me your location and I'll see if I can find an election for you.


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