A planetary talisman ritual based on Franz Bardon and the Picatrix

The Evocation and Invocation of Angelic and Planetary Spirits.

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A planetary talisman ritual based on Franz Bardon and the Picatrix

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I wasn't sure whether to put this here or in the Bardon section because of the use of pore breathing, but here it is. If anyone uses it, or even just adds the pore breathing elements into a talisman, I would be interested to hear your results. I find that adding the elements to a planetary talisman definitely adds something to it.

This ritual draws together some of the elements of the Picatrix and Bardon’s Initiation into Hermetics to create a planetary talisman that is empowered by a planet and the elements. The structure is based on the Golden Dawn inspired ‘An Elemental Ritual of Consecration’ described by its creator John Michael Greer in his book Circles of Power.

1. Opening ritual. Recite the Invocation of Perfect Nature and conjure the appropriate Directional Spirits for the Planet to create a sacred space attuned to the planet.
2. The material basis of the talisman is purified with Water by sprinkling holy water on it 3 times and by Fire by waving incense 3 times.
3. Planetary invocation of the Planet, facing the direction of the Planet.
a. The direction of the planet can be determined by using an app like Skymap or similar.
b. The prayer of the planet from the Picatrix is recited
4. Contemplation of the Planet.
a. First we create the Image of the Planet before and around us. Here we can use one of the images for the planet described in the Picatrix. For example, for Jupiter, we imagine the vast figure of a man flying through the open skies on an eagle which fills the universe. I encourage you to fill these simple images in with your own imagination. For example, we may imagine the man is Zeus or any other Sky God image. We imagine that this figure encapsulates the powers of the planet, e.g., the figure before us is a Divine King wielding supreme power who has the ability to grant immeasurable wealth, abundance, power and to teach us and to inspire us with spiritual gifts and comfort.
b. We create an astral impression of the planet by imagining the sensations associated with the planet. This is in large part intuited from the Prayer of the planet. For example, for Jupiter, we create the sensations of warmth, expansion, moistness. These impressions awaken by resonance the qualities of the planet within us – we begin to feel buoyant, generous, noble, abundant, fertile, creative, powerful.
5. The creation of the talismanic figures at the elected time. Once the elected time has arrived, we etch, inscribe or draw the appropriate images and sigils on our talismanic basis. Once this is done, we raise the talisman above us and toward the Image and state the purpose of the talisman, asking the Planet to fill the talisman with its power and virtue. We imagine a ray from the Image filling the talisman with its influence.
6. The Conjuration of the Planetary Hierarchy. Here we conjure the Angel, Intelligence and Spirit of the Planet using an invocation we have written ourselves instructing the Angel and Intelligence to guide the Spirit to ensoul and enliven the talisman with the planetary virtue or whatever purpose you are creating the talisman. Anoint and suffumigate the talisman.
7. Circumambulations. In the John Michael Greer version, this involves starting in the East, circumambulating the altar 3 times while introducing the talisman to quarters and the use of Golden Dawn specific invocations. While I don’t feel these are necessary, I do find that circumambulations are useful. I suggest starting in the direction of the planet and circumambulating clockwise 3.5 times so you end up at the altar facing the planet. Imagine that this causes a spiral of force which centres on the talisman which you place now in the middle of the altar. Through the spiral motion, all of the conjured energies are drawn into the talisman.
8. Invocation of the Elements. This involves pore breathing the elements in turn into the talisman and commanding that the element helps to assist the talisman in its purpose. If the talisman if for you, then you can pore breathe the elements into your own body before directing them into the talisman. Alternatively, you can accumulate the element directly into the talisman. Another option is to transplant your consciousness directly into the talisman and pore breathe the elements from within it. John Michael Greer’s ritual also uses some phrases from Eliphas Levi’s Prayers to the Elements which I include.
a. Fire. Accumulate 7 inhalations of Fire into the talisman. State: “Creature of Talismans, be thou energetic and strong as the salamanders for [state the purpose of the talismans here].” Perceive the Fire element overcoming all obstacles in the path to fulfilment of the purpose of the talisman.
b. Air. Accumulate 7 inhalations of Air into the talisman. State: “Creature of Talismans, be thou prompt and active as the Sylphs for [state the purpose of the talismans here].” Perceive the Air element skilfully seeking out the fastest and most harmonious path to fulfilment of the purpose of the talisman.
c. Water. Accumulate 7 inhalations of Water into the talisman. State: “Creature of Talismans, be thou flexible and attentive to images as the Undines for [state the purpose of the talismans here].” Perceive the Water element magnetically attracting the thing desired.
d. Earth. Accumulate 7 inhalations of Earth into the talisman. State: “Creature of Talismans, be thou laborious and patient as the Gnomes for [state the purpose of the talismans here].” Perceive the Earth element bringing the desire into material reality.
9. Thanksgiving and closing. Spend some time perceiving that the talisman has all the power needed to fulfil its purpose. Then offer incense to the Planet and all the Spirits you have conjured. Bask in the presence of the planetary influence then, when you are ready, thank the Planet and the Spirits, bid them farewell, and dissolve the Image and the atmosphere you have created back into the universe.


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