Mercury in Gemini talisman elections

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Mercury in Gemini talisman elections

Post#1 » Wed May 13, 2020 8:53 am

The time is 1401 on 18 May for London, UK.

Mercury is culminating, it's Mercury hour, and Mercury receives a sextile aspect from the Moon. Mercury also makes a conjunction to Venus who has recently turned retrograde. The moon is waning if you believe that makes a difference (I don't think it matters at all in planetary talismanic elections).

Interestingly the Arabic Picatrix explicitly suggests that it is good for Mercury when he is aspected by the Moon, this is never mentioned for any of the other planets. I suspect that this is because the Moon and Mercury are intimately connected in traditional astrology with emotion and reason respectively, and it's generally a good thing when one's thoughts and feelings are in alignment.

You'll need to rectify for your location before you use it.



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