V - The Enochian Aethyrs

Introductory course on Enochian Magic. A good place to start.
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V - The Enochian Aethyrs

Post#1 » Sun Nov 25, 2007 4:01 pm

I - Enochian Aethyrs, Introduction

Surrounding the Earth similar to the layers of an onion are the 30 Aethyrs of Enochiana. These are similar to both the Sephiroth of Qabalah and the Aires (or Aeons, or Spheres) of Gnosticism.

Since the time of Crowley (see The Vision and the Voice) they have been used in Pathworking, or Astral travel ("traveling in the spirit vision") as a roadmap of Initiatory experience. Each Aethyr is seen as a "region," or a "sphere," which contains a magickal current, a sexual polarity, and quite often, a spirit guide to aid the traveller along his/her way. The Aethyrs are meant to be "explored" one at a time, beginning with the lowest (TEX) and proceeding to the highest (LIL).

In order to facilitate travelling the Aethyrs, a Call of the Aethyrs is read, or recited (as sort of an invocation of the forces of the Aethyr). This Call is the same for each Aethyr, except for the substitution of the name of the particular Aethyr to be traveled.

This thread will examine the Call in a general sense, then the Aethyrs will be discussed (though not in great detail), and finally a schema of the Aethyrs will be presented which will compare the various Aethyrs to appropriate points on the Qabalistic Tree of Life.

Any questions and/or comments concerning the Aethyrs may be asked [...] in the Q&A thread [...]. Please refrain from asking what a particular Aethyr is "like," since each person will experience the Aethyrs differently and uniquely. They are unlike the Sephiroth in that they each presents a different "face" to each traveller (though there are some generalities).

Love and Light for a Peace Profound,


PS: Frater Y. wasn't feeling well and asked me to post about the Aethyrs. I'm sure he will be back afterwards for any questions you may have of him.


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