My Book - Enochian Magic In Theory

Introductory course on Enochian Magic. A good place to start.
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My Book - Enochian Magic In Theory

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After years of work with Enochian magic, both in traditional, GD, OSDL and various other forms, some of the fruition of that work appears in my first book on the topic, Enochian Magic in Theory, which lays the important foundations for the magical instructions that will be contained in its sequel Enochian Magic in Practice.

The book is now available to purchase as a paperback on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. There's also a Limited Hardback Edition (only 100 signed and numbered copies) available directly from the publisher (see below).




There are still copies of the Limited Hardback Edition available to pre-order.

Here's the Table of Contents:


Chapter I: Dee & Kelley
Chapter II: The Magic of the Angels
Chapter III: The Enochian Language
Chapter IV: Liber Loagaeth
Chapter V: The Stone & the Ring
Chapter VI: The Sigillum Dei Aemeth
Chapter VII: The Table of Practice
Chapter VIII: The Lamen
Chapter IX: The Bonorum
Chapter X: The Tablet of Nalvage
Chapter XI: The Great Table
Chapter XII: The Governors & Parts of the Earth
Chapter XIII: The Aethyrs
Chapter XIV: The Calls

Appendix I: Enochian Gematria
Appendix II: Enochian Dictionary

The book has already met with positive reviews from prominent authors and magicians (and there is more to come):

"Students of the Western Esoteric Tradition are often presented with an "either/or" approach to Enochian Magic—they are told that they must choose between either the Dee Purist tradition or the Golden Dawn tradition because "one is right and the other is wrong." In Enochian Magic in Theory author Dean F. Wilson takes a refreshingly ecumenical approach, presenting the Enochian system from various viewpoints and removing the unfortunate partisanship that has too often entered into the discussion. Written from the perspective of someone who has considerable experience with Enochian, Wilson's text is reader-friendly and filled with valuable illustrations that will help students better understand this complex subject. We wholeheartedly recommend Enochian Magic in Theory to anyone, beginner or Adept, who seeks a well-rounded, well-researched book on Enochian theurgy."

— Charles "Chic" Cicero and Sandra "Tabatha" Cicero
Chief Adepts of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn
and authors of The Essential Golden Dawn and The Golden Dawn Enochian Skrying Tarot, among other titles.

“As the subject of Enochian magick has become more popular among modern occultists, it is no surprise to find new introductory material being offered by those who studied the system in its obscurity. Enochian Magic in Theory is a good example of such a resource. Here, students interested in the “Dee-purist” tradition will find simple and straightforward introductions to the various tools and tables, angels and spirits recorded in Dee’s occult journals. Students of the post-Victorian “Neo-Enochian” tradition will find detailed explanations of material (some of it quite obscure) added to the system by the Order of the Golden Dawn, Aleister Crowley and others. All of this is mixed together with the personal work, theory and experience of the author (and, in some cases, that of his Enochian-based Order, the O.S.D.L.), giving us a rare glimpse into the modern theory and practice of the greater Enochian tradition.”

— Aaron Leitch, author of The Angelical Language, Volumes I & II.

“I wish it (and its upcoming partner, Enochian Magic in Practice) had been around years ago; I would have been saved a lot of work and pain. For anyone interested in Enochian matters, the Golden Dawn or western magical in general, I recommend this book as an essential guide. In its pages you will find much to reward, intrigue, inform and delight you.” [Read the full review.]

— Peregrin Wildoak, author of By Names and Images – Bringing the Golden Dawn to Life

"The voice behind this book is knowledgeable and it provides you with the information you need to know rather than getting side tracked. I am looking forward to seeing how he sees Enochian working in a practical way. However I really recommend anyone who is interested in Enochian should buy this book." [Read the full review.]

— Nick Farrell, author of King Over the Water, Mathers' Last Secret, Making Talismans, and other titles.

I hope those of you who have enjoyed and learned from my primer (and other posts) here will buy the book and find it useful. It contains some of the information shared here, but a whole lot more, and demystifies many aspects of this complex system so that it can be approached in a clear way. Readers will learn a lot about this system in a manner that I can assure will shed a lot of light on this pivotal aspect of Western magical tradition.

Anyone who is looking for a signed copy, or who wants to support my work or that of the publisher, I encourage you to order one of the hardbacks. While clearly I am biased, I can guarantee that it will take a prominent place besides your other magical books on this topic, and hey, it might even be valuable in years to come ;)

For those who order a copy, I would appreciate your reviews and feedback here, some of which may even make it onto the publisher's website. I will be updating this thread with more information about the book, including other places you can buy it from, reviews, and so forth.


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