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Writing Properly

Posted: Thu Sep 13, 2012 2:47 pm
by m3rr
Hello All! Hope everyones well , Thanks in advance for any replies to this topic :)

Curious , I've done a cursory search of the forum. Found nothing on properly writing the alphabet down from an English stand point.
If I missed it , please re-direct me :) Thanks.

So For example;
I've downloaded a font and I want to properly type out something in Enochian as it should be.

The font translate directly obviously - each letter associated to a member of the Alphabet.
However , If I type something set on right to left (as I believe Enochian is supposed to be inscribed)
it's still left to right read.

So ,
Would it be like that?
For example

Our Father written in enochian would be --- rehtaF ruO ----

Much obliged for any assistance