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Are these words of the proto-hebrew, the green language of adam? I think it's plausible. (I also have a list of hebrew words seemingly cognate with various indo-european words as well a few in sumerian, but that's for another time.)
The first words are hebrew and beside those in brackets are their seeming angelic counterparts.

Zakar- Remember (aglc. Zacar appear, move)
Od- a going around, continuance, still, yet, again, beside, ( Od anglc. and )
Zamar- make music, sing praises ( Zamran aglc. Sing, appear, show yourself(in the context of appearing and show Themselves to speak Their Words, which would be a type of singing)
Nitstsab- handle, hilt of a sword----Natsab- to take ones stand(NAZPSAD aglc. a sword)
Hallelouiah- hail praise be to god ( Luiahe aglc. songs of honor)
Or- Light, daylight, dawn, sun, sun light, sun shine (Ror aglc. The Sun)
Yareach(yaw-ray'-akh)- Moon (Graa aglc The Moon)
Bahal- dismayed, to disturb, to terrify ( Bahal aglc. Cried with a loud voicce)
Zayin- hebrew rune symbolizing a weapon which cuts and pierces ( Ceph aglc rune for Z, the root of division)
Babylon-mother of postitutes and abominations as well as the city Babylon, a city known for it's ''Wickness'' (Babalond aglc. Harlot) (Babalon aglc. Wicked)
Saphah-lip, language, speech, divine sounds ( Sapah aglc. ''Mighty Sounds'' )
Yada/Madda - to know/ knowledge, thought ( aglc. Iadnamad. undefiled knowledge)
Tsiyyon- Holy Mountain (aglc. siaion of the temple)
Emet- Truth, firmness, faith (aglc. Emetgis The Seal)
Livyathan- serpent, sea monster ( aglc Levithmong beasts of the field)
Yad- Hand, Power (anglc. Iad God)

I’m sure if we all work together we can reconstruct a large portion(if not all) of the vocabulary of our proto language ;-)

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