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Campbell's Revised SDA

Post#1 » Mon Jun 19, 2017 10:38 am

After reading Colin D. Campbell's "The Magical Seal of Dr. John Dee," I would like to present some of his findings for group discussion.

To start, Campbell gives a description of the original SDA, and remarks on several inconsistencies in its construction. Some of these appear to imply typographical errors, others appear to be deliberate, and the result is a very different lettering for the SDA on the whole.

Campbell describes the SDA as "not just an arcane and undecipherable collection of unpronounceable angelic names, but rather an ordered, succinct, and methodical arrangement" of unpronounceable angelic names. We would expect some consistency, but the names given (and used) by Dee appear to defy that consistency in some places, and for this reason Campbell also provides a reformed SDA in addition to one which simply fixes the typo's in Dee's copy.

For example, all the names of the Children of Light are derived from the Planetary Square, reading counter-clockwise from their corner. The exceptions are the Daughters of light, the only group of the four whose names are listed going clockwise. This changes the names from "El, Me, Ese, Iana, Akele, Azdobn, and Stimcul" to the reformed names of "Sh, Na, Elee, Bodel, Ekmka, Nigiza, and Elvoeishth."

The repeated name of Galethog is replaced by Borymon, and several of the Hebrew-derived planetary names are also tidied-up to reflect a less patchy knowledge of the language.

I would like to ask people who have studied Enochian, and especially those who have read his work, what are your thoughts on these revisions?

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