Interpreting : KLLI - path of Resh

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Interpreting : KLLI - path of Resh

Post#1 » Wed Oct 05, 2016 12:29 pm

I'm trying to understand how to interpret some hebrew words that have double letters.
The word I'm trying to understand is "KLLI" which means "Collective" from The Collective Intelligence of the path of Resh.

I get thrown off when I see two of the same letters next to each other. Can someone please critique my analysis? I've interpreted the two Lameds to express Lamed through the lens of the number "2".

K=Kaph - Palm, guiding authority. The "destiny" of a person is said to be written on your palms, hence this is a reflection of the cosmic will or True Will's authority over the unfolding of all events

LL = Lamed x 2 = I interpreted two Lameds to be the expression of duality. The Law of duality established by the subordinate reflection of Kether -> Chokmah is what entices the life-breath of NO-THING to move.

I= Yod = a flame, the principal of coition between the self-conciousness and subconsciousness which is realized in a state of super-consciousness. The light given by this state allows one to see the same life breath (aleph) permeating the many, as implied by the two Lameds.

In summary:
KLLI = Collective
This word as a whole tells me that there is a law that is necessary and it creates the appearance of the many. This law has its roots in duality. But within the many, there is the life breath that permeates the many and is One. The flame represents this type of illumination of knowing the collective, and it is part of the light of the "Resh" in the term "Ruach"

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