GD and the home shopping network

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GD and the home shopping network

Post#1 » Thu Dec 14, 2017 5:07 pm

So I was having a look at the Golden Dawn sites and came across the David Griffin one. Since when did a magical organisation become a home shopping network? Buy now and get x% off. But wait there's more. Order in the next 5 minutes and we'll send you FREE....

Actually it reminded me of a recent post of Pablo's about some orders needing the aspirant to have the capacity for retaining a bunch of facts or have access to the cheat sheet - Pablo see Bonus 5!

If I wait for a third email on Monday will I be offered free magic steak knives and a power raising vegetable spiraliser?

Text of the email below follows.

Dear Magician,

I wrote yesterday to tell you about the incredible deal you can get with my Magick Flash Sale for HALF OFF, as my way of saying “THANK YOU” for being a subscriber. (This sale is officially CLOSED to the public.)

But I wanted to make sure that you were able to read the email.

Until noon, Monday you can enroll into our comprehensive 12 Grade Esoteric System, including 612 complete e-lessons, 12 grades, 3 orders from Neophyte to Ipsissimus… at HALF OFF.

Here's where you can get more information and get half off:

Every so often I hold a sale to say, "THANK YOU for being a subscriber :-)

How would you like to get 10x faster and easier Results, learning directly from Hermetic Masters and Adepts as an initiate in our Mystery School?


50% Off And Get FIVE Free Bonuses!


If the 50% discount isn't enough to have you heading to my special 'half-off' website, these FIVE free gifts will surely do the trick:

Bonus 1: The Laws of Hermetic Science - The little known secrets to unlocking your true nature, and how to harness that power through Laws of the Universe most people will never know exists, yet directly lead to manifesting miracles in your life. A $29 Value!

Bonus 2: Occult Science Unveiled - The factual truth about Magick, what it is, how it functions, and the proven, scientific secrets that make it work. PLUS how to apply these scientific facts to enhance your power and get faster results. A $49 Value!

Bonus 3: Magick: Natural and Divine - How to harness the innate power of nature so you can connect with the infinite wisdom already inside you. You’ll never feel more powerful in your practice than when you use these ancient secrets of the Magus. A $49 Value!

Bonus 4: Thaumaturgy: The Science of Miracles - Discover “Thaumaturgy” - the ancient Science of Miracles unearthing the mysteries of the Sphinx. See why ancient schools of magic have kept this Egyptian science so closely guarded for centuries. A $39 Value!

...And the 5th Bonus is the most requested by our students!

You get to be THE FIRST to “beta test” this amazing new tool that our initiates have been dying to get their hands on…

Some have said JUST this bonus alone is worth the price of admission!

Bonus 5: The Ultimate Magick Beginner’s Cheat-Sheet! - A quickstart guide to magick that boosts your results from the moment you begin, with everything you need to take your Neophyte training to the end as quickly as possible. Most people progress five times faster because of this alone! A $29 Value! (You cannot get this anywhere else, at any price. But during this promotion you get this and all other books mentioned for free!)


You’ll be initiated LIVE!


That's a ton of goodies…. and you get it all FREE

when you enroll into my HALF OFF Magick Flash Sale.

Go here right now and claim your spot before they're all gone.

Talk soon,

David Griffin

Imperator, Rosicrucian Academy of Alpha et Omega

Chief Adept, R.R. et A.C.

Imperator, Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn

P.S. This special half off sale ends at noon on Monday. But when you act right now and enroll, here’s a taste of what you’ll discover as a Neophyte…

The hidden natural laws guiding every outcome in your life, and how to bypass fear, failure and frustration just by knowing them.
How to become an alchemist of desire so you can manifest riches beyond measure in all areas of your life.
Simple ways to awaken forces in your body that help you achieve more with less effort because things start happening for you, not to you.
How to dissolve unresolved “parental conflicts” in your psyche that have been forcing you to fail.
The secret to cleansing your ego of negativity and tap into the power of your core authentic self.
The best way to speed up your spiritual growth so you can discover worlds beyond the physical prison you are trapped in and reach true freedom.
The right way to use a magic wand and how to use daggers to dispel evil energy.
How specific rituals create results you can feel in your mind and body.
The hidden natural laws guiding every outcome in your life, and how to bypass fear, failure and frustration just by knowing them.
Unleash your imagination from the bounds of adulthood so you visualize more clearly and manifest them faster than ever before.
The secrets of “scrying” - a visionary process that tests your visions for accuracy and authenticity - separating your inner truth from the mental programming of modern day, or delusional memories clouding your mind.
How to communicate, test and verify other worldly entities you encounter in your visions and dreams to eliminate self deceit, self sabotage and self destructive beliefs.
How to perform ritual magick and use “inner alchemy” to discover your true self beyond this ego and flesh
The correct way to bless yourself and invoke divine energy into your body. Hint: This sign of the cross is something that the catholic church doesn’t want you to know the true meaning of
Two secret rituals for cleansing your body, heart and mind of all negative influences so you can feel the emotions you WANT to feel. You’ll never feel like a victim of outside forces again.
The truth about “holy pentagrams” and how to use this sacred symbol in 8 different ways to positively manipulate the world around you and gain control of your environment.
How to break down your “old self” you no longer wish to be and make room for the new and more powerful person you are destined to become.
A simple way to track your progress as your magick power grows so your mentor can help you skyrocket your results
How to harness the hidden ways of the universe and your mind that no one has ever told you
The truth about Astrology Magick and the 4 elements (air, earth, fire and water) that your average horoscope writers will never know.
The “fourfold breath” technique for quickly quieting your mind and entering supreme focus even if your mind is racing from a stressful day at work.
How to eliminate obsessive or disturbing thoughts from your mind in 90 seconds or less using your index finger.
Want angelic protection? Summon powerful archangels to flood your mind with insights and guard yourself from evil.
How to use “ritual symbolism” to invoke divine beings into your body and transform your consciousness with love and light - An experience you cannot explain!
How to call upon all four elements to shift the energy of any situation to your favor - and any person you need protection from - so things work out for you automatically.
The five different types of holy crosses, what they mean and how each one uniquely affects your energy.
You’ll also be invited for a physical, in person initiation that follows our ancient traditions so you can get the absolute most out of your magical work. But that’s just the beginning …
Your mileage may vary - and that's ok

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