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Usage of the Four Worlds

Posted: Mon Feb 22, 2010 12:08 am
by [V]
I've got a general understanding of the Four worlds associated with the Qabala.
The task at hand is to write an essay for my college application. Im having a hard time thinking about what specifically to write about.

Im designing a ritual to spark inspiration & provide motivation to get this task done.
I figured the proper sephora should be hod & the planet I am working with is Mercury.

Im trying to figure out which Hebrew angel would be appropriate.
Would I contact arch angel Mikael of Briah? Or the Angel of Yetzirah (Raphael)?

I know Briah is associated with the broadening of concepts and the creative process. Yetzirah would be appropriate for inducing emotional involvement (motivation).

Would I contact them both during my ritual? Or would any request made to the Briah plane naturally permeate to lower planes including Yetzirah - allowing me to ask Mikael for inspiration & motivation?