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The Qabala and the Wisdom - Chokmah?

Posted: Wed Dec 29, 2010 7:04 am
by lenvdb
I was reading the Sacred Magick of Abremelin the Jew yesterday and something written in there stuck me.
I have been studying and doing meditation on the Tree of Life since 2007. The author mentioned a portion of the Bible where Jacob and Esau were passed a blessing.
He mentioned that the ancient Hebrew tradition has always been to pass on the Kabbalah (Qabalah) to the eldest son, in this case Esau. He stated that it was the tradition to pass the Qabalah to the eldest son and the "Wisdom" to the youngest son in any household.

This was apparently the issue between Jacob (the youngest) and Esau. Jacob wanted both.

So he planned to "buy" this birthright from Esau by giving him a pot of freshly cooked Lentil Stew, to begin with. And at the time Isaac was nearing the end of his life, he summoned Esau to cook him some meat from a hunt. Jacob killed a goat from the flock and cooked it and posed as Esau, giving it to him, and received the Qabalah blessing ...according to Abramelin. The Qabalah was more important than the "wisdom", but it seems these 2 aspects complement each other.

This raised another question. King Solomon was the eldest and he received the Qabalah, but he did not have the Wisdom. He was given the opportunity to ask for something and he asked for the "Wisdom". And here I had to give this some tome to contemplate. Did he ask for Chokmak? Here Raziel is the ruling archangel and is known as the Keeper of the Mysteries of God. God then honoured that prayer and gave him Chokmah (or Wisdom) and so much more.

Has anyone ever contemplated that these are 2 aspects? Did I stumble upon something here? What would the "wisdom" be the author was describing in this book?