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Re. Pure qabalah

Posted: Mon Jul 14, 2008 11:32 pm
by gnosticangel
One the (of the many) things I've been curious about this re. board is the "Qabalah discussion" section. I've checked it out many times, though this is my first post.

Call me crazy, but I have this strange sense of holy reverence around the topic in general, certainly compared to magick across the whole spectrum from Celtic to Bardon to Satanic to Necrocomicon to Castaneda's Tensegrity to GD to Egypt to Tibet. QBL flowers at the fount of all of these.

Way "Up there" with hermeticism, mahamudra, dzogchen and other High Magics, this is a topic that confers great purifications and blessings. Even to read about it is supposed to heal, enlighten and empower. I appreciate people's practical experiences and questions.

But is there any interest in a thread that blesses its readers! Dear Forum, what about a thread that contains only sacred letters? My tech knowledge is sadly limited; is there any way to make such a resource a reality.