Solomon Oracle Cards (?) from practical Kabbalah site

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Solomon Oracle Cards (?) from practical Kabbalah site

Post#1 » Sun Jan 27, 2013 6:47 pm

I posted this here as the cards are from the author, Itzhak Mizrahi, are from a practical Kabbalah site (, also Amazon apparently), and I'm trying to make heads or tales of this.
What confuses me is this: they use known Solomonic seals and a page on the above mentioned author's site (seals here: which describes the seals as functioning differently than, and almost reverse of, how the seals are described in Mather's Key of Solomon (Rowe digital version).

So, these demonic seals are suddenly like positive holy angelic seals without any precautions?
Isn't there supposed to be some protection involved, when using such seals?
Are "oracle" cards different from tarot as they seem to be tarot?

I know that in magic, people appropriate things all the time as it's highly syncretistic, yet the Solomonic seals seem to originiate with binding demonic forces to have them do the practitioner's will (or work with them)... i.e. the very "Testament of Solomon".

I have no idea with these cards... and to make them a Kabbalistic practice, not "Qabalistic", but "Kabbalistic" as in ma'asit... strange.

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