The Mercury current on the Tree

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The Mercury current on the Tree

Post#1 » Tue Apr 16, 2013 4:09 am

I rarely post in this subforum as pathworking the Tree of Life has never been a strong point. However I recently finished a Mercury working that opened up this current on the Tree. It led to rereading Crowley’s Paris Working and shed light on details I had overlooked before.

So, without getting caught up in arguments about Trees existing within each sephiroth or about the existence of four overlapping Trees corresponding to the four planes (all of which reminds me of Kafka’s Letter from the Emperor and some might say is an exercise in rabbinical hairsplitting to signify that our return to the Divine is asymptotic), my understanding of the Mercury current on the Tree is as follows:

1. The 2 of Chokmah is the higher Mercury as the Logos, the DNA of Being that has yet to take form in the 3 of Binah.
2. The 4 of Chesed is the 2 of Chokmah doubled, the materialization and solidification of forms (I understand the relationship between the 3 of Binah and 4 of Chesed to express the hidden relationship between the Triangle and Circle [=Square] with regards to “evoking spirits to physical manifestation”, of which the relationship between the 9 of Yesod and 10 of Malkuth is the outer expression).
3. The 8 of Hod is the 4 of Chesed doubled, the movement and communication of forms and lower aspect of Mercury.

This logical correspondence between the even numbers of the sephiroths led me to think a similar counter-correspondence exists between the odd numbers on the Tree:

The 3 of Binah > the 5 of Geburah > the 7 of Netzach, where the odd numbers express the development and movement of DESIRE manifesting on the Tree.

Now intuitive logic informs us that even numbers are feminine while odd numbers are masculine. If so, the above-described relationships between even and odd numbers explains why traditional conceptions of male/yang and female/yin are reversed on the Tree:

In patriarchal systems, concepts of law and judgement are typically associated with the masculine gender, while concepts of mercy, nurturing and generosity are typically associated with the feminine gender. On the Tree, however, judgement corresponds to the Feminine Pillar of Severity while mercy corresponds to the Masculine Pillar of Mercy.

Moreover if the 8 of Hod signifies that it is feminine, it is essentially the 4 of Chesed in a divided and passive form. This describes the passive nature of reason in breaking down and analyzing forms. If so, this explains why the movement and brilliance of Hod must be animated by the energies of Geburah via path 23, Mem. Conversely, the aggressiveness of desire signified by the 7 of Netzach is tempered by the receptive energies of Chesed via path 21, Kaph.

Any thoughts on the above-described relationships between even and odd numbers?

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