A dream (help?)

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A dream (help?)

Post#1 » Wed May 29, 2013 4:01 am

I wake this morning from a dream that has left me quite confused. If any of you have any ideas as to its interpretation, I would be very grateful. I tend to think that the meaning of dreams is very personal to the dreamer, but there are a few obscurities in this one that have baffled me.

For background:
Although I am half Jewish (Ashkenazi) by lineage, my lineage comes from my father (and both of his parents) rather than my mother (no orthodox Judaism for me!).
I would not call myself anything beyond a novice in my Qabalistic pursuits. Personally, I would find it difficult to even justify calling myself a novice.
Despite this, the night before last I had dreamed of an older (and unrecognised) man teaching me the pronunciation of god names. It was surreal enough that it jarred me into a lucid dream - I realised I was dreaming the moment I saw myself learning these things to begin with, and paid very close attention.

I dreamed I was in my grandmother's house. She was hosting visiting Jewish mystics, for some reason. I had been on my way to them to ask a question about a dream (within my dream) that I had, about a holy book passed down over generations, with very little actually written in it. The 'rule' was that (when looking at the book when it was closed, and the volume of pages accordingly) the first 3ish inches (1 טפח) of the book could not be written in, because of a particular rule that I did not understand in my dream. Much to my surprise, I found the mystics were arguing about me. I climbed into a small space near by and listened. My grandmother and another relative of mine (that I did not recognise) were arguing with the mystics about training me for a certain role that involved trance-work and the Qabala. The visiting mystics said my blood was not strong enough, and I was called something I did not understand - a second *something*. I'm not sure what word goes in place of the word 'something', but it was something similar to both 'strain' and 'sister'. At length, I asked them my question, peering from my small space, and they looked at each other. It was as though I had answered a question, rather than asked one. They turned to my family, and told them they would train me. After this, I woke.

Could this be a dream simply symbolic of me needing to learn more about the Qabala? Is there any special significance to the '2nd strain/sister' bit? The book with 3ish inches (read: the vast majority of the book) reserved for blank pages? The pronunciation dream I had the night before? This role that involves trance-work?

I would be very grateful for your thoughts.

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