Lack of Success after years of attempts.. What Gives.

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Lack of Success after years of attempts.. What Gives.

Post#1 » Tue Aug 04, 2020 8:32 pm

So I just got reading through my past ritual results dating to Nov 2013. And needless to say i'm pissed off. I've been practicing on and off. Various paths of the "Occult" for the better portion of 7 years since 2013.

Too this very day I have not had a single visual manifestation of any Spirit.

I have ran the gambit on various paths and methods of evocation.

I have tried Modern Angelic Grimoire from RO and his Goetic book counterpart. I have done the Mystic Grimoire and NAP which I have had off and on success with nothing consistent to say the least.

A lot of my results can be left to chance. Like using NAP to get a job and having to apply twice to different positions at the same company then getting the worst of the two....

My only successful evocation and I didn't see anything can also be left to chance....

I had used Frater Ashen book Gateway Through Stone and Circle and actually bought a Table of Practice and Ebony wand all gold inlayed and asked to heal a relative of mine and he was cured of his cancer shortly after various rounds of chemo and what not.

Proceeding this
I have evoked according to my journal the Spirit Gremory a Staggering 20 times throughout 7 years and not once have I seen "her/him" and not once have I obtained anything I asked for.

I have evoked or attempted to evoke over half dozen additional spirits in that time and not once have I gotten what was asked for.

What gives....... I have over 200+ books on the Occult from Bardon to Agrippa,Crowley and Paul Huson.

I'm not an armchair theorist. I have over 50 Sigil Magick entry's,10 Honey Jars,3 Knot Spells. I have done PGM binding rituals with clay dolls.

You name it.
I've done it.

Attempted a pact via JSK True Grimoire in hopes Scrilin could help me out because clearly something isn't working. As of a month later nada.......

I'm starting to feel like the definition of Insanity here guys....... The books and everyone paints this like do X, Y, Z and this will happen. But I assure you this is NOT the case. Any insight would be helpful to say the least..... I'm 7 years into this and I got nothing to show for it.

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