Near Death Experiences

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Near Death Experiences

Post#1 » Thu Jul 29, 2021 4:49 pm

I've been rethinking a lot of my past mistakes over the past couple of years. For one reason or another I have much regret about taking the magical path. It's almost like all of those childhood religious lessons and anti-witchcraft biblical verses came to haunt me all at once. I lamented every sorcery I ever cast upon others and saw myself as evil and deceitful in practicing such things for the first time. In my search for meaning, and wanting to find out if I would burn in hell after death, I began researching NDEs in the hope that I would find some comfort.

I found a great resource with thousands of nde accounts. The website is one called I highly encourage you to check it out. Many of the accounts had religious overtones. Some even include angels and predictions of future events. Others have a more psychedelic "oneness" vibe to them. And some do in fact have experiences that can only be described as hell, though they are much less in number than the rest.

One thing I've always pondered is whether magicians truly go to hell after death, such as is written in Leviticus. Unfortunately I haven't been able to find an nde from a practioner as far as I'm aware. So I thought, what better place to ask than SA?

So, that being said, have any of you magically minded folk had any NDEs? If so, did you get to experience nirvana or were you sent to the abyss where there is grinding and gnashing of teeth?

An odd question I know. But this has really been bothering me for some time.

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