Neophytes - About the "I Have No Results Yet" question!

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Neophytes - About the "I Have No Results Yet" question!

Post#1 » Mon Apr 21, 2014 4:52 pm

There are a lot to comment about, so please, members may post yours comments and teachings about.

Neophytes - About the "I Have No Results Yet" question!

Often we have this question with few differences.
And there are a lot of very good replies posted by other members explaining the same basic aspects.

This topic is written for the practitioners, the ones who does not fear to do and will do as they know the need to learn how to do.

Just to point, the topic is not to neophytes only. Even long time magicians will have such times to a point of questioning their practices and that are the times for reflexion and study and learn more.

If you consider yourself very savvy and think you can do better without study and practice, I deeply regret as this topic is not for you. Or you have a strong fear, or you are lazy or magick does not have any sense for you.

Well, any development is a result of "Time and Practice".

"Natura non facit saltum!"

When you post your doubts, take in serious the replies you have from the other members. Such replies are not writing "on blind".
If you are receiving attention and a reply, in some ways the member posting had look to you and "see" what happens with you.
I'm not talking about someone spent time to do a "free reading" for you. No way!

EM is an advanced magicians forum, so you are in a place of some magicians "black belts" forum.
No problem as you read the rules (I repeat, read that), do your homework, be respectfull and observe we have a lot of patience. Sometimes really a lot until we find better a short approach change. Then we have some fun. But just fun while trying to teach something.

Note: When you read some topic about a successful work, most often this have years of previous work to reach that point.

So, why you "think" there are no results yet?

There are many question one must do for himself before. If any reply means "to few experience", so this is the first reason:

-How long have you been studying and practice?
-You learned and practiced the needed requisites for such area?
-Have you experience to work at some higher level from your current point?
-Have you learned the most basic, like colors, numbers, planets, correspondences, prayers, words meanings, etc?
-If you are following a formal method or grimoire, are you working in all steps? This includes reading the "Introduction" as usually there are good information to observe.
-You prepared yourself and the needed materials/tools/resources for the ritual you want to try? You can do something without a gold ring, but you must do the better you really can. The spirits you will try to call can't be cheated and they will act accordingly.
-What oracles you learned to a really confident level to help your work?
-Are your studying based on good sources or just trying something cheap you found at a gossips magazine or teenagers website?

What results you have now?

If you already learn to meditate and practice it with a discipline, this will show you what means a calm state of mind. Meditation is not a formal part of magick training, but is good to for your personal development. This will help in your progress in all areas of your life. Also, most of ritual practices where planned to prepare your state of mind to be calm and focused at the time of the operation.

There are many different results in magick, not just you got something you are trying to do.

The first you will think about after the ritual, is "how you feel" while you was performing that.

See, many people expect for fantastic visual effects. That kind from fantasy movies.
But most of times, we have only a feeling. With time, what most happens is just the internal vision (3rd eye or intuition or astral vision).

So, ask yourself how do you feel during and after the ritual? A different "calm" state or feeling really "alert"? Dreams in the days after?

All this are results of your work.

Many skilled magicians do a ritual even without some kind of signal/feeling/etc. They continue to work just because they did the right steps. Usually the spirit/angels are there, just may be they don't want to give any signal. So, even without special effects they are there.

So act so and follow the procedure.

And what you asked for?

Times later, some kind of result happens. And you have to think "what you asked" and "how you asked"!

-What are you asking for? A miracle? What to ask must be something reasonable.

Observe what happens with time.

You may have dreams or some intuition. May be some coincidences. Study all this as may be related with what you are trying to do.

In the best results, magick works to give you what you asked, not what "you think" about. With time you will learn more on this. Or have partial results because the "target" is not so easy as you thought or there are some condition.
There are many examples. If you ask for money, most probably you will receive a job.
Well, there are sad stories about someone receiving a money sum later, but as an insurance payment because some tragedy.

And there are results happening long time later. I say, even years after the operation was done and become even forgoten. Here is interesting to note many magicians will learn to recognize the spirits work, as each operation have a kind of "signature". So when something happens and was related to a previous work, it can be seen as a later result. I had many events this way in my life. But sometimes when the result happened, the conditions was no more the same, so we got what was asked, but to late to be usefull. This is a reason to have a decent time waiting, some months I may say, and then formally call the spirit again and command to stop the operation.

So, you may learn "how to ask".

If something need to be worked in a different way, or may be is not good for you, you may sometimes even receive some advice, dreams, intuition, etc, about that. This means you may receive some indication about "why not". This is a very positive result.

So you can see how is important to have a good reading before, when you are planning how to work and to get previous indications of the spirits of how they may or not help on that. Even if they will come just to say "not yet". Times later a reading will help to study what happened.

Magick is related with personal development.
Each step you do, will be part of your personal way of work.
As you study and learn each part, doing it, taking notes, revising, with time you will observe there are a development.
Choose a path you feel confident to. Study what others have done.

When you change your point of view and observe with a growing practice, each smaller success will count a lot.
Then you will discover a big success is done from many previous little successful steps.

Note: This topic will receive new comments with time added as new posts.

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