Lux Mirabilis, Middle Pillar, Kether-Malkuth battery

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Lux Mirabilis, Middle Pillar, Kether-Malkuth battery

Post#1 » Mon Nov 12, 2018 7:58 am

...Hi I read first about the term "Lux Mirabilis" in (educated guess) The Secrets of dr. Taverner (Dion Fortune) -it sort of kept bugging me as I supposed it was the Middle Pillar fountain exercise, or the spiral motion/mummy- like windings in the "advanced" version or the combination of the two - or something else ? Any SOL members here?

On the spiral mummy movement: In using the fourfold breath, on the inhale I visualise the windings going down, on the exhale going up, both clockwise - counterclockwise felt - errr - counterproductive.

Another thing: after establishing the two currents of movement (left right & front back), I found that the fountain movement is greatly enhanced if you allow the established Middle Pillar energy to go back and forth a while (like 10 times) between the two "poles" of Kether and Malkuth (like a scanner going back and forth) - extra charge to the battery before you make this toroidal field.

After this, tuning the entire field to one energy (example Chesed) , flooding it with electric blue light and using El - Tzadkiel - Chasmalim - Tzedek in every center to attune to Jupiterian energies - any of you had spectacular or remarkable results with this? Not only as prep for charging a talisman, but other uses?
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