Sex and Seduction

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Sex and Seduction

Post#1 » Sat Jun 20, 2020 8:14 pm

Well this is quite a topic isn’t it. I’d like to firstly share workings I've done in this field, and then share what my future goals are. There are many great and accomplished practioners here who I’m sure are willing to help! And to the beginners, I hope you find this post useful.

So firstly, what exactly have I done?

1. Matangi Sadhana (closer to a prayog): The intent behind this working to break ice with a particular girl I liked. We had absolutely no connection to each other, and needless to say had no reason to form one. The thing is, she was quite popular and someone I wanted to become friends with. During the week of the sadhana she waved at me whenever we walked past each other, and at the second to last day of the sadhana she even invited me to a party she was having. While this is far from the Lotharian image of sexual masculinity, it was a step up in my relationship with her. Now the main drawback I see with this sadhana, is that over time (3 months or so) she forgot about me (primarily because we never saw each other). I, too decided it was time to try a more direct approach with future women.

2. Arabic Mantra experiment: this one was definitely more up my alley. It was a mantra which supposedly when chanted, with the name of a woman, will make her orgasm. I had a lot more success with this one. I tried it with another girl I hardly knew, in a public auditorium. As I began the mantra she began breathing more heavily and shifting around. After two more minutes i saw these symptoms continually increase. I consider this a success, yet I guess I’ll never really know. When I talked to her a few days later she blushed and didn’t make eye contact (which is very unlike her: quite cocky usually).

These two experiences sum it up in this field. I’ve also spoken to a few goetia in recent days and am still awaiting results.

As for aims:
The real gold standard in these field (by no one else’s declaration but my own!), is being able to seduce a complete stranger in a non sexual context (a grocery store). By the will, a spirit, or a talisman (three most common methods), being able to choose any stranger to not only become attracted to you, but to ask you to have sex.

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