Could we get a newbie/educator section?

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Could we get a newbie/educator section?

Post#1 » Sat Jul 11, 2020 6:27 pm

Over the past year or so of visiting this site I've noticed a trend. A lot of people who come here wanting to learn from dedicated practitioners have their posts shut down. Now I understand that this may be to ensure a level of quality within the discussions however I believe what is more often happening is that growth of individuals, and the forum, is being killed off. This is a serious problem with the world going through a great awakening and having so many yearning to learn more about what is real out there. I believe we could be doing much better than this.

For example, the last post I was sharing on was from an obviously dedicated practitioner who just didn't have a foundation in understanding how and what magic is and how it works. This individual spent a year focusing on a mantra without getting the results they were hoping for, and it was clear they didn't understand how to use the results they did have to grow.

What I would like to propose is an area that is kinder for those who have come here and are looking to learn but may not have the skills of a dedicated practitioner. Lets not forget that everyone here is also a student of existence and is still learning on their own path. Part of growing on my path has been to teach others, along with learning from others. I also think it would be of value for those of us who both need help and want to help to have a location to direct these people rather than shutting things down. Many people come here who only lurk because they are afraid of what happens if they start asking questions, and that is not a healthy environment for any of us.

Now that the books have been opened, and we are seeing the shifts in existence, I would think that a resource like this site would only grow dramatically in popularity as interest. The great work has reached a new level and I'd like to see this site grow to support it.
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