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The Midnight Gospel

Posted: Mon Jul 13, 2020 12:54 pm
by ALot
With the Great Awakening happening I have to say I am impressed by the first mainstream media coming out to discuss magic openly that crossed my path. The first episode of The Midnight Gospel didn't grab me but by the third one I was really impressed with the presentation and conversation within the program. We've come a long way from Simon, King of the Witches. Its great seeing Pendleton Ward's work since adventure time so I'm not surprised how well this was done too. Supposedly there are already talks about season 2.

The episode on ceremonial magic really impressed me, simply because they started diving into the topic in the first place. So many people see it as an esoteric practice and yet practice magic when they go to Church, Synagogue, temple, etc. I'm curious to see how this is going to influence the new generation of magicians. Has anyone else seen this whole show yet? I'm curious how you see this affecting the spiritual and magical growth of the people who have been exposed to it and taken it to heart. Thanks to this show, when I start going deep on a subject, I finally have something contemporary to send people to, to better understand where I'm coming from. No more hiding for any of us, not like any of us really did that in the first place, now it's just even easier :)