Two different kinds of magicians

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Two different kinds of magicians

Post#1 » Sun Aug 02, 2020 11:14 pm

After a lot of thinking, I figure out that there are two different kinds of magicians, and I am not talking about black and white magicians. I am more talking about spiritual-oriented and material-oriented magicians. None is better and none is worse. And after decades of practicing, they would actually in many cases overcome this difference. However, I feel that at the moment they start they magical journey, they either start because of potential spiritual or material benefits, and how they started, that would remain at the core of their being all journey long.

Material - oriented magicians start by using their magic because they want to achieve some tangible goals in life, such as a good job, a lover, money, etc. They start with casting spells and later evoking spirits, and in meantime they will indeed notice that magic also means the encounter with otherworldly realities and they would also have spiritual experiences too.

Spiritual - oriented magicians start with magic often because they have a spiritual aspirations which cannot be achieved by following the doctrines of their own religious systems they were born into. So, to them is more important to achieve Divine visions and encounter with spiritual realms than to have any material use out of it. Later on, once they mature they would also understand that magic can also be used to bring in some material benefits too.

There are always misunderstandings between those two groups of magicians. The first ones are often more scientific, while the others are more artistic. The first ones often refer to the second ones that their experiences are unverified, while the second ones value their gnostic experiences as sacred.

And so on, I could continue, but this is just my OP written in a few minutes. I would like to see your reactions. So, maybe we can discuss, agree or disagree :)
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