Hekate-Artemis Sigil discussion

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Hekate-Artemis Sigil discussion

Post#1 » Tue Aug 04, 2020 11:37 am

Hekate – Artemis Sigil

Background: This sigil came to me after a period of meditation and automatic writing. I had been doing several things and had asked to receive something when this image started to draw itself over and over. It came across as fragmented sections that seemed to be sequenced but I had the idea that they would be over layered upon each other in sequence. What follows is the final product

The final image consisted of 3 cells in a pie shaped format. At the apex of the 3 cells was a circle that was open. While no formal color was suggested I selected a blue coloring for this encompassing ring. The apex ring I tend to use as a central point for placing a candle for focusing and centralizing upon the image.

The make up of the sigil itself consists of:

An emblem in purple or violet with 4 lines representing Hekate.
An emblem in green with 4 lines representing Artemis.
3 crossed torches with flames, (black in color with red flames) 1 per emblem representing Hekate
3 moons (show up in yellow) per emblem representing Artemis
6 small blue dots (2 per emblem) representing cross junctures with Hekate & Artemis
3 Question marks, 1 per emblem, representing your desire or question
3 waves in blue representing water / the oceanic sphere
3 rocks in grey / brown representing the earth / chthonic sphere
1 moon & star & comet (3 total) in red & yellow & orange representing the heavens / celestial sphere

The balancing of the Sigil is such that it has 3 cells. The cells represent 3 spheres and each sphere has 3 symbols within it for representation. The symbols for each deity i.e. crossed torches & moons are based on 3’s. The Line images that represent deity are balanced on the value of 4 & 2. Each Deity line symbol is based on lines of 4 with juncture points crossing at 2 spots.
When observed the three forms from points of directions.

The emblem for the oceanic sphere has two arms that point outwards or downwards and seems to suggest water being poured or flowing. Like water this image suggests its answer comes flowing out and moves from any direction.

The chthonic sphere has two arms that seem to point upward but the arm from Hekate’s image is coming from below. Suggesting its source is from the underworld or within. Its arm points down and away from the central circle of the circle.

The celestial sphere has two arms that seem to point outward and somewhat upward as well. However, again Hekate’s image here has the arm that points downward this time. Suggesting a flow down or from the heaven’s or from above. Its source could be divine, or it could be more mental vice feeling or within as suggested by the chthonic influence.

Operationally I have had a fair bit of success using this sigil. Usually I have printed the sigil out on paper and write out my desire on the back side of the paper. I select the specific sigil I desire to use of the 3 possible options available.

Normally, I place the selected item on the main paper and will either put it under a tea light candle or cast it that way. That, or I will use something and burn it on the larger paper as I focus upon the sigil and my intent. Sometimes I’ll roll it like a scroll and place it upon the larger paper and leave it for a few days before I use whatever method I plan on using to release it after its been on the larger sigil.

However, lately I have had this idea of changing the form from a paper circle to making it more of a triangle out of metal. I have been considering copper as that is a good conductor of energy. Copper also has a good history with Hekate, though brass or bronze has a better history with her. Yet to be honest not sure how easy brass or bronze would be to work with.

Have been considering working with a soft aluminum to start with to get experience with and perfect the design and form.

One other thing I have been considering adding, which I have always considered from the beginning is the inclusion of a zodiac / planetary ring. Where initially I was considering making it a separate ring outside of the original cell, I am now considering making it a separate panel on the bottom of the triangle. In that capacity it would be something to consider. However, it would not be quite as influencing as it would be had I made it an outer ring feature directly on the cell itself.

Wondering what other’s thoughts are?

I know I have posted about this sigil before but could not find it anymore so it might have been lost. Though I would share the history stuff as a background for info.

Hekate-Artemis sigil new .jpg
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