How Al Manning and his Uncrossing Rituals helped me...

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How Al Manning and his Uncrossing Rituals helped me...

Post#1 » Mon May 05, 2008 11:27 am

Back in the 1980's I had the pleasure to have called upon the late Al Manning
at his ESP Lab. I believe he was in the state of Texas.

Well, I was attending and involved with a christian church.
They were known as Free Methodist.

The pastor named Bob, was teaching his flock about christian spiritual warfare,
and how to bind demons. Several of his flock must have taken notice of me,
because I started to notice that there was a christian spiritual binding about me.

Well, good old Al Manning offered to work an Uncrossing Ritual for about
twelve dollars American money. His particular magick was a passive defense candle ritual,
in that you did not attack your attackers, and only sent them energy to turn their attention
away from you.

I remember joking with Al Manning, Astral Al, that he should teleport
some prunes to those christians, to soften them up. Al Manning laughed at this notion.
And agreed to work his Candle Uncrossing Ritual.

After three weeks and three rituals, I noted that the christian binding
had indeed lightened up. But, Al Manning had gone that extra mile and sent those christians
some extra energy to turn them away.

Brother Butterball :D

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