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Simple Evocation

Post#1 » Mon May 19, 2008 1:09 am

A pm by Blue Sorceress has prompted me to think about bare evocation, the foundations of evocation if you will, onto which users of this forum can build upon, as they do not wish to practice rituals of a golden dawn fashion, or want to try something new. Now I am not saying that the GD style is wrong, and I do admit that my success with evocation has been limited, but I do know people who have had success with this type of ritual which you yourselves should add on and change.

A very basic approach or framework you should think about when thinking about Evocation.
1. Your own circle - this may contain any symbol you wish, I was taught to draw a pentagram with four concentric circles made up of chalk and salt.
2. The entities circle and triangle - the triangle going within the circle, with the sigil of the entity on a Kamea within the triangle and god names/other entities outside the circle.
3. Raising lots of energy, calling upon various powers if you wish
4. Ask the spirit to appear to you and ask them what you want.
5. Even if the spirit doesn't appear say thank you, and ask it to leave.
6. You can banish, ground, whatever...

So yes a very basic framework but something which you can add on if you want. If you want to personalise evocation and feel disenchanted with other godnames and entities that you do not feel a connection with.

I think the most important thing is that admist the ceremony that you keep things simple and raise lots of energy. Concentrate your energy in making the circles come alive, when drawing the triangle empower it to make it a portal to other worlds. Raise energy in your own circle by doing whatever you feel is best, and then recite a summoning spell of some sort.

Yes this is just a very basic outline. Thought it could be useful for people who don't want to practice in a pre established ritualistic form.

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