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Ancestor altar

Post#1 » Sat Sep 01, 2018 10:56 pm

Oh boy, this one is intresting. I want to use this thread to document and be an open discussion on ancestor altar experiences, even though I've had it for a couple of days now but it's insane what happen so far.

Phase 1
This is phase 1 with the beer offering

It first started off simple with a ceramic skull I bought from the dollar store, I lit one candle I also bought from the same place, and a shot glass of water. The skull is the center piece and I said a small conjuration and do daily affirmations to tie the ancestors in the skull (since I don't have pictures or space for pictures) tied around it is a rosary I got that was given out for my grandpas funeral (closest thing to a personal item of his), behind the skull is an incense holder (I'm using palo santo), on the left (on the right side of the skull) is where the candle is burnt and right (on the left of the skull) is where the water is placed. At first I didnt have incense to burn yet. After the spirits accepted their home communication is much easier (like 100 times easier), at some point I wanted to drink the last beer in my fridge but my grandpa said "no you are not, give use the shot glass full, dump the beer and we'll do whatever you want" so I obliged and as the candle burned the flame rose higer and they told me what to do, essentially write a petition and put it inside a small opening in the skull and they told me when to discard it and turn off the candle. I asked for something simple 30 extra dollars, grandpa E and J were good with money, hard working, business men and always had money making opportunities, not a day later an opportunity was given to me so I took it. It was difficult but I was told by them to be more specific on the level of difficulty the money should flow to me and I quote, "let us do thevleg work but don't make it too hard on you or us, meet us half way".

Phase 2
Phase 2 with water and candy offerings

So today I went to the store and bought palo santo incense and some tea light candles, the last contailer for the first candle was big enough that I thought it be a waste if I hust threw it away so i cleaned it and held on to it. I started thw day by telling them I was going to the store and seeing what they wanted my granddads and granduncle (idk what you call a grand parents brother) all chanted rhythmically "whiskey whiskey" and I told them some will becoming but they'll have to wait for Monday (Labour day) and Aunty F spoke up (for the first time, her energy is noticeable but she hasn't been as vocal) "could you get me some caramel candies, I just love those" and I obliged seeing that I want her and the rest of them to be happy. I placed the new setup and gave my offerings officially while burning incense, lighting a candle and giving fresh water. Aunty F told me how many she wanted, when to replace them, how much to replace them with and what to do with the old ones (eat them), Aunty F is fun loving, social, funny, confident, she wasn't the most conventionally attractive but her demeanor attracted many sutor (she was a heart breaker) but chose 1 and lived with him faithfully till he passed away. So I'm really intrested on what she'll bring to my life.

I'm thinking about offering my ancestors the spiritual energy of my food that I'll eat to them (seeing as I only need the physical). Also their altar is right next to my saint altar (Our lady of Guadalupe, Saint Jude, others to come) this is where I worship and my ancestors are Catholics so I'm paying close attention to the dynamic and it seems to be very harmonious. Thoughts, comments, ideas ? Thanks for reading

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