An Infernal Language

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An Infernal Language

Post#1 » Wed Feb 28, 2018 5:24 pm

This post is one very much intrinsic to a strange language I have come across and acquired in my workings, and I am deeply interested in the opinions of the forum on it. I will preface this with the story as to how I came to obtain this odd language, and the powers it seems to bring forth.

Three years ago, I underwent a powerful mediumistic possession by a draconian demon known as Tor, a being that had been with me for as long as I could remember, within my being. I went into this state voluntarily to channel his power to perform a dangerous exorcism on a woman who after the demon had been primarily removed was strangling this particular woman to death, resistant to all of the methods I had had at that time. So I sat in front of her, allowed Tor to take over, and the effects were staggering. Alongside his taking control, I experienced diaphoretic shock, and the intense and nearly incomprehensible agony and sadness this infernal being had in it. However, during this trance, I spoke a new language, one that I had never heard.
This language, firstly, contained many transmutations from languages known all over the world, in this first instance ancient Chinese aspects, for example. I found after coming out of this trance that not only could I remember the language, but still speak it without channeling Tor again, I simply knew it. All I had to think of was a concept or form and then speak the language, it’s nature almost fluidic like Enochian, and it seemed to have profound abilities. In another instance, I was working in an exorcism, and found that when I spoke this language, the powerful demon inside the man I was working on was not only extremely surprised, but acknowledged it as “its language”, wondering how I knew it. The possessed and I then spoke to each other in this language, forming a spirit contract that earned the man conditional freedom from the demon until I was able to solve the rest of the case.
The language is capable of causing pain in living people not protected by higher spiritual entities, and angelic beings despise this language. It can influence the astral form, harm or even rend spirits to innanimate husks, cause menstrual bleeding and the deconstruction of a womb, open infernal doorways, and affect thoughts and the world to some degree. It has no direct healing capacity, but can reform the chakras of a person and dissipate energetic forms. I have known only one other person who was able to speak it, and he was and is in cohabitation with a demonic entity.
It is a barbaric sounding language, and has an effect like steel crashing into the highway. It is fiery and full of wrath and alien qualities. It is not quite speaking in tongues, it is not Enochian, but is riddled with ancient languages and words that have no equivalent.

The question is, have any of my fellow occultists encountered this language as well? Or can speak it?
I have tried reaching into my subconscious to retrieve it in a sensible and tangible form, to write it and create a lexicon of it, but it evades me. I will have to use far more intense methods to fully recover it.

Do any of you know what this strange language is?

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