First time working with the Qlippoth

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First time working with the Qlippoth

Post#1 » Tue Nov 20, 2018 9:29 pm

Hi, this is my first time posting here here goes nothing.

I'm seeking to expand my magical practice, I've worked extensively with Angels, Enochian, planetary, and Kabbalah. Obviously I'm not claiming to be an expert and to fully understand all the nitty gritty, I'm staying my background and that I have practiced for a while and not a novice. I'm doing my own research into the Qlippoth and the night side (I plan to work with the Goetia soon after I work with the Qlippoth and move on to work with the Necronomicon, not any time soon. I'll work with the Qlippoth when I finish Enochian Aethyr work). I've done shadow work and practice spiritual, Emotional and mental alchemy, so I've gotten attuned with seeing the dark parts of me.

I'm looking at the Qlippoth diagram and will start from there, I'm gonna do reseach on what are the tunnels of Set and how they play a part to the spheres and general info about the spheres themselves but I'm wondering how I would start to communicate with these beings and spheres. So far I got some idea on how to open the spheres and open the energies into my life/ritual, or atleast one method from this black magician VK Jehannum on their article about the spheres themselves. My reason for working with this system is to a custom myself with these energies, to better recognize them and how to interact with them, to understand them and not to fear them needlessly. I tend to stay away from malevolent forces unless I'm banishing them, binding them or just cleansing my house. I had 1 experience with a demon when a girl sent one to me because she really didn't like me, it wasn't intentional by any means, she sent so much negativity and bad vibes that I was seasoned just right for it.

Any advice would be much appreciated, thanks.

The VK article ... photh/amp/

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