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Magick against hackers

Posted: Sat Jan 26, 2019 9:15 pm
by Ironchakra1
I generally like to try magick for positive stuff—getting in a good vibe for abundance and other good things in life. But I have had a recent threat from a hacker type (anonymous, of course, so as to make it harder for me to do anything about it) who threatened blackmail. They said they could see everything I do online (like even this, perhaps) and had activated the camera, etc. to see private things and record them at my home. They threatened to release an embarrassing video of me doing something that millions of people do privately (ahem—something normal and natural of a sexual nature) to all of my friends on my contacts list. Unless I sent a certain amount of Bitcoin to a Bitcoin address (which would make it much more difficult to track compared to a bank account of course). I found myself growing angry and wanting to hurt anyone who would do such an evil thing to me, or to anyone else. Any recommendations on some magick work to explore, reading, etc. on how to send some pain to someone via magick?