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Quaerere - The Magick Search Button

Post#1 » Mon Mar 17, 2014 2:23 pm

Often someone feel sad with a reply "please, use the search button".
Or they just post something "I used the search but found nothing about goetia".
Or "there are to many information..."

First of all, we have not the intent of being rude. But this does not mean an infinite amount of patience too.

We expect all have read the forum rules and guidelines. And one important is:
Use the search function
Please try the search function before you post a question there is a good chance somebody else discussed the same topic.

We expect anyone have already done his/her own homework.
The members are not your personal "search button". So, don't expect for others to do your search if becomes clear you lack to really try it before.

Search available sources is a pre-requisite to study and pratice evocation magick as many other areas related.
And do your own work also is very important to reach positive results with time.

We are at XXI century! Computer systems help a lot searching for information. So use it!
But is always good to remember, how harder is to search information just using paper books.
Just try to open a dozen books looking for some information and compare this effort with how easy become to learn the basics of a forum search function. This includes searching engines like Google.

With the Search button, there’s a “advanced search” function.
Enter there when you have something with too much results or just to find faster what you need. That allow to filter data in many ways.
For example, instead of searching all words, look first for titles, then for related words (correspondences), or by subforum.
Have a dictionary around if you don't know some words and to find synonymous.

Another usefull resource when you are searching inside some big topics, is the "Search this topic" button (left side at the computer screen.

The following text (Quaerere) sugest some basic tips with a bit of humour. Use it.

(The Search)

Extending the search button problems discussion, may be we can do some work and even create a short grimoire as a workaround and also, a learning tool on ritual magic to develop the contact with such forces and how control it.
A named sugestion is:

"De Monstrum Horrendum Malum Daemonis Puga Pyga Quaero"
Where the authors discuss the occult aspects of the Art and the ways to contact your Holy Guardian Button.

So, this work may include:

Usura de illa tabulis in scrutans circa magica. - The table of correspondences are the best magician tool for the wise choose of words to search;

Hierarcharum argumenta scrutans. - About the natural atraction of topics with others on the same areas;

Tertia non est terminus. - About the magic realms frontiers. That go beyond the first three results;

Arcana in altera paginae. - Working with the extended magic circle to safely look the hidden nature of the next result pages.

Protection ex segnities amuletum. - The secret grimoirc hyper-power talisman for protection against sleep and lazyness.

The grimorioum must cover also, some comment about specific rituals for learning process, as Mercury Spirits and Goetic daemons who teach advanced sciences, like reading and understanding of the writen words, dictionary use and pressing keyboard buttons.

Some authors may be special guests to comment advanced topics like "using Google", "how search for already existing symbols and seals", etc.
An extra appendix will cover how to use Translator programs for basic understanding on Latim, German, French, Italian, Japanese and Hindi.

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