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Welcome to Studio Arcanis

Posted: Sat Aug 02, 2014 9:50 am
by philodox

First off, welcome to the site everyone. My sincere appologies that it took so long to get the site up and running. We had a myriad of technical difficulties which I might try to write up next week sometime for the more technically minded and curious members. :)

I'd like to start by thanking some members that were integral to the process.

Thank you for all the assistance getting a proper database extract. I greatly appreciate the quick replies to my many questions and the calm moral support.
You are a god among men. ;)

For spearheading the Facebook group, being an awesome PR guy and an excellent sounding board for ideas. The site probably wouldn't have gone back up until September if it wasn't for your help.

For all the amazing graphics and assistance during the build. I kind of feel like I took unfair advantage of your talents, but I'm glad I did as your work looks great!

Avathar Behemoth
For the name. It wouldn't have been 'Studio Arcanis' if you hadn't first suggested it. I appreciate all the advice and ideas through Facebook as well.

I can always count on you to see things from a practical perspective. Thanks for keeping me grounded buddy. Also, Avathar Behemoth let me know that you should get props for the name as well. Didn't catch that it was a joint effort. Thanks man. :)

So many more people, you know who you are, but this mobile browser is killing me! :P