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This is Brother Billy Butterball / Brother Timothy Bruno

Post#1 » Fri Mar 16, 2018 6:47 pm

Hey Now: This is Brother Billy ButterBall / Timothy Bruno

Here is an update on where I am and what I have been doing:

Hello this is Tim writing you from the Oasis Building which is near

the Honda Center in Orange California. I have been homeless

and living on the streets for about one year. I am staying with

mine woman friend tonight. I will should have my own private

apartment in the month of April. I have faced depression and impulsivity

as some of mine life challenges. Please write me through mine email

and Facebook account where I am called Timothy Bruno. Look for

mine photograph. Please encourage the people who know and

remember me to write me. I am not seeking money. But would love

Your human company and to talk with You and email and message You.

I bought four Motorola cellphones for friends. And this being example of

mine impulsivity. Please write me here. I check from the local library here

in Westminster California and the Oasis Building near the Honda Center.

They have their own landline here and I can call You from here and personally

talk with You. I have spent the last three years reading and studying and taking

refuge in the Buddha and the Dharma and the Sangha. I have immersed myself

in Tibetan Buddhism and have almost totally dug myself out of the literal

and metaphorical hole I made for myself. I will be offering a short 6 month

and long 12 month course and program for those who wish to discover and find

out what I would love sharing with You. I will offer this course and program for

donation only and without asking for money. The course and program has no set

curriculum lessons. If You are interested please approach me with questions

like these. Please write me if You are serious about discovering and finding

the answers for questions such as: Who am I? Where did I come from?

Who made the Heavens and the Earth? Where do I go after I die?

And is there life after I depart and leave from this place? And lastly

how will I discover and find happiness when the Sun is shining overhead

and when clouds and darkness fill the sky and the rain is falling.

How will You have supreme and ultimate happiness and success every

breathe that you take and every heartbeat that Your heart makes

and every moment and in Your present Life and in the life after this Life.

If You feel empowered and inspired by mine words and would like to see and hear me

then please call and write me here:

I am going to create another Skype account in April. I have been away

from the Internet but in reality the Internet is always here and never

departs nor leaves. Your Friend Brother Billy ButterBall / Timothy Bruno

Born March 27th 1957 Will become 61 in Dog Years this March 27th!

I have a 38 Years Young Smoking Hot GirlFriend. If I behave badly She may

just scalp me. I love Fiery Women and Lisa is a handful!

Yowzah and Wowzah Unto the Thirteenth Power!

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