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Not allowed in Enochian aethyres

Posted: Sat Jan 18, 2020 1:27 am
by Jadziya
So, a couple months ago I took up scrying the aethyres again, intending to do them in sequence, and I was told in no uncertain terms, both in the session (black mirror scrying) and in the very energetic dreams that followed that I am not allowed to go in the aethyres right now. (For instance in one dream shortly after a being showed me a tattoed arm saying “KEEP OUT” - ok it actually said “KEEP IT” but I understood it verbally as “keep out”).

I did a second session to confirm and they reiterated “the gate is closed”. I asked if this is permanent or temporary and they said temporary. I asked if it would be ok for me to go in the aethyres while I am in the house I am staying in (likely a few months) and they said no.

Has anyone experienced this / any thoughts on this? Anyone else having issues?

I have never been booted from Enochian work before and have most of the tools, some in real form (eg real wax seal) and some in paper (eg paper ring square taped to gold ring, I generally avoid tape or plastics but it never seemed to affect results)

(Disclaimer regarding UPG for black mirror sessions and all)