Higher selves - aethyrs

Personal Encounters and Experiences with Enochian Entities.
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Higher selves - aethyrs

Post#1 » Fri Oct 08, 2010 2:17 am

There are many interesting things to be discovered in the aethyrs, but I think that the most fascinating about them is that they give us opportonity to discover, talk and have lessons from our higher selves.

So, according to what some other people wrote about the aethyrs, and also according to some of mine own experiences,
our higher selves can be found in the following aethyrs:

1. BAG - our own lower astral demon called LIXIPSP. If we pass the exam with him, we go to the higher region of the BAG, where we can meet our guardian angel (not to be confused with the Holy Guardian Angel).

2. VTI - our own higher astral demon with no specific name (or at least I could not find it) and ower own higher astral self called TOATZEM, who usually appears like ourself but a bit younger.

3. ASP - Lower mental male angel with no specific name. He is our own reincarnating ego. It is that part of ourself that takes on manifestation into the lower realms. From him comes all reincarnations, but he is not reincarnating himself.

4. TAN - Angel Madimi. -Our own powerful god/goddess from the lower mental level. Madimi is the feminine aspect of our Holy Guardian Angel.

5. ZIM - Master Nemo - it is like he is holding an office in this part of the higher mental level. When we reach that level, we ourselves become NEMO.

6. ZAX - Khoronzon - it is our own archedemon, fully developed figure of LIXIPSP from the BAG.

7. ZID - Holy Guardian angel.


Appart of the Aethyrs, it is also possible to view the Tarot card the Full the way how develops as he is spiritually developing the same way as we do.


Well, my question is did I miss some other aspects of the Higher or demonic selves from the Aethyrs?

And what was your experience in working with the higher selves if you would like to share your story?

Best regards....
Enigma et Paradigma

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