The 19 Day Ritual

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The 19 Day Ritual

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First of all I'd like to say this is my own personal version of it and how I thought was the most logical way and in tune with the source material to me. Some people like to include more angels in the ritual than just the angel and god names of the Great Table. I've even seen versions where you'd call on every single enochian entity whose name is known.

To me the 19 day ritual relates only to the practice of the entities in the Great Table and vice versa. The Keys, the bonorum angels, the sigillum, the Holy Table, none of them directly connect to this ritual. Although there are some very fine strands that connect all of the "systems" together. The 91 parts of the Earth connect to the Key of the Aethyrs, which connects to the tables in the Book of Loagaeth, which connects to the Bonorum angels, which connect to the sigillum and the Holy Table and so on. But I digress.

To me it seems that the ritual is infinitely simple. The ritual will take 19 days. On the first day you're to write down your Book of Supplications or Prayers. Dees version of the book can be found in Geoffrey James's Enochian Evocation. For four days after you've written the book, you will petition the 12 God Names of the Great Table. I'd assume the first day of petitioning the God Names is the day you write down the book.

After these four days, you're to petition for 14 days the angels of the Great Table with their corresponding God Names. (Although Ave's wording can be read as that 14 days after you've petitioned the 12 God Names you will petition all of the angels for one day only). :thinking

It was not mentioned anywhere in the MS (afaik) if you're supposed to do this three times a day or just once a day, so I think it'll be left to the decision of the magician in question. On day 19, you will clothe yourself in a robe made of white linen and "have the apparition, use, and practice of the Creatues". The Book and the robe are to be sealed away in a safe place after this and never to be used again.

There is a bit of confusion on the matter of if you're supposed to make the Book of Silvered Leaves for the final day of the ritual or if it's supposed to be used for something else entirely. My belief is, that the Book of Silvered Leaves was a book Dee was supposed to make for the angel Galvah, and leave it standing in a cabinet, so that she would write the Book of Loagaeth for him and the text would miraculously appear in it.

Angel Aves instructions from Casaubon, page 184:

Thou hast three names of God, out of the line of the holy Ghost, in the principal Cross of the first Angle, so hast thou three in the second. Four days (after your book is made, that is to say, written) must you only call upon those names of God, or on the God of Hosts, in those names:
And 14 days after you shall (in this, or in some convenient place) call the Angels by petition, and by the name of God, unto the which they are obedient.
The 15 day you shall Cloath your selves, in vestures made of linnen, white: and so have the apparition, use, and practice of the Creatues. For, it is not a labour of years, nor many days.

Casaubon page 182:

One book of perfect paper. One labour of a few days.
The calling them together, and the yielding of their promise, the repetition of the names of God, are sufficient.
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