Influencing matter?

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Influencing matter?

Post#1 » Thu May 21, 2015 7:45 am

Nice that the forum didnt die. I think its the only active bardon(sub)forum right now.

Anyway... like, i think, practically everyone who studies bardon, iam starting over again and again. Simply because at some point i cant move forward anymore. For me that point is where it means to create physical effects. To be exact, bardon describes the congestion of elements to a level that material effects show up.

Im fine with mental or astral things but as soon as it goes to matter things, or things a normal person would say are "impossible", i fail. It doesnt matter if i work on it for a year. And i wonder whats the problem.

I think, the way bardon wrote his books, that it should be possible to yield the results he describes. And the material ones too.

So i tend to the idea that im not ready yet. Bardon might have been more prepared, more complete or something. So that it could work for him.

For me the world was too strong up from being a child, so i had to develop to deal with it. And im still developing. Bardon helped me a lot, because i was able to change the way i go. But i realized that life itself is a teacher. Be it the conscience, one should follow all the time, or the persons that come into your life. They changed me to the better. Because i learned.

Before i found my current girlfriend i had to learn how to get attractive to girls. I mean no one teaches you. Movies only come with plain stupid suggestions that arent valid for the real life. The thing is... while learning i realized whats the difference between alpha males and non alpha males. (Alpha comes from wolf packs. The leader is the alpha wolf. And alpha males in human species mean those mans that are attractive to women and know how to deal with them.) The difference can be put into one thing... free flow of energy. A normal man approaching an alpha man will look down, will block themself, just like a wolf approaching the leader. Its the same with woman though a bit different. A gorgeous girl, that knows how she appeals to others, isnt blocking the energy flow in itself. Other womans will change their look instantly, might be because they feel they arent as pretty or something.

Thats what i observed. The thing is... it seems to be universal. The free flow of energy is key. And it seems to apply to every kind of thing. Be it business or interacting with other persons.

Since i saw this i was surprised how i could not notice that before. I knew that blockades in myself are bad. But the fact that its way more universal was a surprise to me.

I only wanted to write that because i wanted to note that life itself is a very good teacher. I believe invisible friends, god or whatever would influence this, use the life itself to bring one forward. Sometimes i sticked too hard on bardon and i became inflexible, so its not a bad thing if you lay bardon beside and take some breath. I believe it would only be a bad thing if you never took bardon again and started over. I know that i start over with a new view on things all the time. The same goes for other magical systems and so on.

Now i would really like to break that wall of "impossible" things happen. Can it happen? Yes, because can you imagine that it would be really "impossible"? In the future with all tech imaginable? So how about the tech already exist in another layer of reality and you only need to use it? Its simply not possible that its impossible. So the only thing left would be to find the way how to make it possible. Others claimed they could do it. But for some reason its not common knowledge for mankind. One could assume that its not the biggest learning task for mankind. They have other things to learn and magic happening would disturb their learning curve. So one might think there are powers that keep that under the carpet. Dont know. But bardon clearly describes that its possible. And he describes it without a big wall to break.

When i now started reading bardons first book, i read the good comments from Rawn Clark too, i found that bardon claimed that the electric fluid is showing itself in the willpower and the magnetic fluid shows itself in the OPPOSITE, the believe. The believe would be the constructive power. See:

from Bardon's own comments as relayed by his direct students in the book "Questions and Answers" -- MENTAL (page 24, question #19): "The Electric Fluid fills abstract thoughts with pure Electric Fluid, warmth, expansion and dynamics. The Magnetic Fluid fills them with pure Magnetic Fluid and the opposite attributes. For example, the Electric Fluid expresses itself through its attributes in willpower, while the Magnetic Fluid expresses itself in the antipole of the will, that is, in manifested belief, an aspect of the productive universal power."

I realize i dont understand what belief is. Do i belief that my girlfriend loves me very much? What makes it a belief? And is it that kind of belief? Jesus (if one believes in him as a person) said that belief is the greatest thing and that belief of the size of a mustard seed could transport a mountain.

So what is belief? Is it trust? It most probably has something to do with the free flow of energy. Self blocking is surely no belief. But still, what is belief? Maybe thats the missing part? I mean i "want" that i compress fire in my body and i want that the room is heated up. But thats my will. If the will is the opposite then what is the belief? If will is expression than belief is compression? Attracting the result? But how should that be done without will?

I now remember a scene of Matrix (the movie... i know i know, though truth might be hidden there too) where the child, that bends the spoon, says something like that he cant bend the spoon but he should realize that the spoon is bend already. Or so. I now found he said something different actually: "Do not try and bend the spoon. That's impossible. Instead only try to realise the Truth... There is no spoon... Then you'll see that it is not the spoon that bends, it is only yourself" Dont know if relevant.

Rawn Clark writes about the part with the raised room temperature that bardon doesnt say its a condition. Rawn writes that the magus needs to feel it. Though whats the difference to someone claiming he would be Napoleon then? Im sure the persons in the nuthouse, who thinks they are jesus, napoleon and co, are convinced they are those persons. Only thing is... they arent. Unfortunately there are enough magicians too that deceive themself by believing they could read the akasha as easily as a book, they spoke with three undines before breakfast and so on. You know... at some point this all has to break out of the possibilities of the own mind. And has to be idependently proven correct. I think.

So Rawn Clark claims its not needed... but did he master it later like he claimed that it will come to you naturally when you proceed?

There was someone other who claimed he can use the elements the way that he can, for example, make water taste different to others. ... ntary.html The thing is, when i asked him about my problems he wrote completely different things and proceeded so even when i tried to correct him on what i search. So its not really easy if you only have a book, your belief that it is absolutely possible, because its impossible to be impossible, but there is no person that you know was able to master it.

Jesus once said blessed are those that believed even though they didnt see. Though i dont want to be a religious person that believes the stories in a holy book. I want it to be reality, no simple belief in something.

I would appreciate if someone has some tips. I really would like to break that border. And its not that i didnt have interesting experiences when learning bardon, its only this wall of "impossible" that makes me trouble. I know it is possible.

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