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Gol and Apollo families and 360 heads of the Earth Zone

Posted: Mon Dec 18, 2017 12:55 am
by talerman
OK, this is something for all of us to think about and give some suggestions and examples.

About the same time one month ago, Ef Shour, a Bardonian and I were informed by our spiritual guides that 360 heads of the Earth Zone have either similar names or the same roots of their names by which they form different "family groups". I would not be surprised that there are 72 such groups, but we need to find such examples.

In order to see what I am talking about here, I will just give two examples:

Gol family: Golog (15° Aries), Golog (11° Sagittarius), Ugolog (25° Pisces), Golema (8° Gemini), Golemi (10° Gemini), Galago (12° Taurus), Gagolchon (13° Aquarius), Bagoloni (12° Gemini), Zagol (27° Cancer), Golopa (24° Leo), and Rigolon (13° Libra).

Apollo family: Apollyon (2° Libra), Opilon (13° Aries), Opollogon (7° Aries), Ampholion (9° Capricorn), and Emfalion (5° Cancer).

Looking forward for your contribution and comments.