Key to the True Quabbalah - elemental attributes question

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Key to the True Quabbalah - elemental attributes question

Post#1 » Fri Aug 24, 2018 8:09 am

Some letters, as described by Bardon, are given an elemental attribute in a section, but then that elemental attribute is different on another one.
Letter "B" is the first case that pops to my mind. Bardon describes it with water attributes, but later on writes "B" as earth-based :thinking

I'm not yet in the point which these... "discrepancies?"(as the editor of the version I own puts it) have a proper role in practice, but I'm getting close and I'd like to get some insights first, as to what I should expect about this.

My take is that these letters aren't really just one element based, and so they will have some water-like effect, but also earth-like effects in other cases (still speaking about the letter B as an example).
As another example, letter R has to be practiced first in the Akasa, and when mastered in said principle, then in the water element, all both in the same exercise.

Obviously, the best will come when I reach said exercises and I get to experience it by myself. Still - any other insights I could have?

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