Step IV "Elemental Balancing" exercise issues

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Step IV "Elemental Balancing" exercise issues

Post#1 » Sat Nov 03, 2018 8:09 am

For those of you who have mastered this step:

I have started to practice this exercise recently after working through the steps and I am having some issues with it. Although I notice the wonderfully balancing effects of this exercise, I find that my head/fire region seems to remain stimulated even after the elements are exhaled. In particular, I seem to be getting some headaches and vision issues and tightness in the head and neck region along with a little anxiety (or, rather an energy rather like a caffeine rush which can spill over into anxiety if I let it).

I am wondering whether this suggests a need to:

1. pore breathe less of the fire element (7 inhalations of fire concentrated into my head and neck area feels a lor more intense than the same number of inhalations of the other elements in the other, larger parts of my body corresponding to those elements), or
2. start with a lower number of inhalations of the elements, or
3. practise this exercise less frequently.

I am also going back over my soul mirror to ensure that I have achieved the requisite level of elemental equilibrium, but would you suggest anything else? Have any of you had the same or similar issues? If so, what did you do to resolve this?

I have sent the question to William Mistele also, so will paste his response here too if he is happy to let me do so.

By the way, this negative aside, this exercise is absolutely amazing in achieving a sense of harmony and peace. I was expecting something like the Middle Pillar exercise, but this is something else entirely. I can see why Bardon talks so much about the benefits of this exercise.


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