Echami, 4 Pisces: Karma Yoga

Initiation Into Hermetics, The Practice of Magical Evocation and The Key to the True Quabbalah.
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Echami, 4 Pisces: Karma Yoga

Post#1 » Sun Nov 18, 2018 5:22 pm

Fig. 358: Echami (4° Pisces) - controls the doings of human be-
ings on earth and is therefore able to explain to the magician the
secrets of the Karma-Yoga. To practise true Karma-Yoga means
to carry out good deeds for no other reason but for themselves
and by no means in order to get any kind of reward for doing so.
Echami's teaching will make the magician realize how unselfish
deeds are valued from the point of view of the Akasha-principle
and are rewarded with various kinds of magical faculties and with
delivery from the Karma. Having learned this, every magician
will certainly long for situations which give him a chance for do-
ing unselfish deeds. Such situations can be procured for the magi-
cian by Echami and his subordinates.

This spirit is a regular staple in my life, and I feel compelled to write a couple of words.

The path of magic can be dangerous, and even a person of high purity will encounter temptations, imbalances and detours on their way.

By way of doing good deeds without expecting reward, we call in help that works in miraculous ways to keep us or get us out of trouble and to provide solutions to any problem. It also works to ennoble and purify the character.

Therefore, I counsel every white magician in the tradition of Western hermetic spirits to work with this spirit. Sometimes it is very simple to do a good deed. A smile to brighten up someone's day, patience and grace when someone radiates negative emotions, a leftover sandwich for the homeless guy you see on your way to work every day.

An easy way to start a practice for the non-initiated is by making a list of ideas for good deeds and starting a journal on good deeds done throughout the day or week.

All questions welcome.

Perhaps the honorable Talerman wants to chime in with his experience of this spirit, as I'm sure he has had a lot of them. :D


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