Choosing from the 360 Heads

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Choosing from the 360 Heads

Post#1 » Mon Jun 22, 2020 4:12 pm

Hello all,

I was pondering the 360 heads of the zone girdling the earth. I noticed in talerman's relevant thread, he mentions it being difficult to decided which to work with long term. There being so many, it would be hard to maintain contact with them all. However I feel that I have been inspired with a relevant method to deduce a short list of beings with whom one positively has a workable connection. It is a very simplistic application of natal astrology. Since I am not an astrologer, I have merely used the ol' :g00gle to furnish myself with the relevant information. Then to easily look up which of the 360 heads falls into the degree of the zodiacal sign I used the application from earthzone spirit helpline. :bow

So, first one needs one's natal chart. This will give a useful list of planets and which degree of the sign of the zodiac they fall into. Hence one gets an idea of directions one may profitably work.

So, using the natal chart and looking up the relevant head of the 360 degrees of the Zone Girdling the earth we get a list of spirits relevant to the person whose natal chart is in question.

For the sake of furnishing y'all with an example, here is the chart of the nonexistent
"Person X", born Washington, GA United States 01/10/2000 12:00

Thusly structured:
Planet | Degree of Zodiacal Sign | Head | Auspice

Sun | Capricorn 19°46' | Kamual | Ores, Mining
Moon | Pisces 3°37' | Kohen | Inventions, Argicultural
Mercury | Capricorn 16°29 | Masadu | Economics
Venus | Sagittarius 12°45' | Ugali | Highest Wisdom, Spheric Magic
Mars | Pisces 5°07' | Flabison | Arts, Entertainment, Relaxation
Jupiter | Aries 25°47 | Yromus | Magic, Alchemy, change of Fate
Saturn | Taurus 10°17' | Concario | Moon Magic
Uranus | Aquarius 15°18' | Ugirpon | Astrophysics
Neptune | Aquarius 3°33'' | Badet | Imagination
Pluto | Sagittarius 11°41' | Golog | Evocation

For myself I noticed, in my own chart (differing from the one above in details, but having the same structure,) an interesting correlation between the Planet, Zodiacal sign, Earth Zone Head and Auspice, which was either relevant to my life presently or to my aspirations. My thinking is that with each Planetary and Zodiacal sign being already traditionally correlated to areas of influence and endeavor, one can pair inspiration from the relevant head with aforesaid area of endeavor. Since this is a public forum, I think it best not to post my own chart, for the time being. Perhaps this is all very elementary deduction. But it seemed like a workable solution to the question as to which of the 360 heads would be best to get in touch with on a regular basis. Of course there were others that struck me as very interesting too. But the list complied through this method was relatively short and immediately amendable to my circumstances.

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