Bare-Bones Goetia the Rufus Opus way

The Heptameron, the Key of Solomon, the Lemegeton, the Arbatel of Magic, the Book of Abramelin, etc.
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Bare-Bones Goetia the Rufus Opus way

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This thread I will use to periodically share my experiences with Goetic Spirits based on my work with them. I hope it can be helpful to fellow forumites (and the occasional lurker) who are planning to evoke the same entities.

A little background info on the system I use:
I have been working intensively for the last year with a book compiled by Rufus Opus called "A Modern Goetic Grimoire". The book basically outlines a stripped down version of an evocation ritual from the book "Art of Drawing Spirits into Crystals" by Johannes Trithemius (1801) , with the simplest of tools, all centered around the Trithemian Table of Practice and a Crystal Ball (a black obsidian mirror in my case).
It is fairly straightforward and the only things I changed from the whole system is that I added the Preliminary Invocation of The Goetia to add some more juice into the system and reformulated all Christian-centric conjurations with words and names which I am personally more comfortable with.
I can confidently recommend this system to anyone. From my experience I can say that if you are pretty well initiated into the spheres, got your HGA by your side, you will have great chances of getting awesome results with this system - even full-blown physical apparitions of the conjured spirits.

Some background on my current situation:
It has been (and partly still is) a very challenging time for me personally. I have been working in film production for the last decade, and the last years has been very tough on me and my 4 man film/TV commercial business. Big film companies have moved into town with huge investors, making us small-time companies have a very hard time to even stay afloat. So I decided it's time to literally work behind the scenes to change my fortunes.

King Paimon
One of the spirits I evoked was King Paimon. I was sure that I botched the evocation, because just a few hours before I started the ritual some distressing news reached my ears regarding some business losses we made, and I couldn't get my mind to properly calm down afterwards.
I decided I would go forward with carrying out the ritual anyway. Not surprisingly, I couldn't get King Paimon to manifest in front of me (usually I would get at least a semi-physical energy field / energy haze in the shape of something vague forming on top of the table of practice in front of me). All I got was the usual milky haze on my mirror with some sparkles/stars thrown in. But I knew he had arrived, so I just told him what I needed (in this case making a dignified person out of this ragged dude, so he can go out there and find himself some fine investors for his next feature). I couldn't hear what he was saying to me, so in exchange to his help, I offered him to let fellow magicians know about his wisdom, should I succeed. I dismissed him and closed the ritual. I truly believed I botched the whole thing and was mentally preparing to give it another try sometimes that same week.
However, that same night I had one of the most lucid dreams I had in my life. I dreamt that a young very well-dressed and groomed Chinese guy who was accompanied by his driver, picked me up for a ride in his white Rolls-Royce (Paimon has been described as riding a Dromedary. And if you think about it I, I guess a Dromedary is the medieval equivalent of a Rolls-Royce, right? All comfortable and all? Whereas a horse would've been a Porsche or something...). He showed me how I can get to know rich investors but told me that some key people I intended to approach were not really in power as yet. And he promised to work again with me once they are in power. Also he referred me to other Goetic spirits to round off my work.

Marquise Leraje
Last week I evoked Leraje to wreak havoc upon my competitors - especially that aforementioned huge-ass film-company that dries out the whole pond. I was lucky to be able to get a semi-physical apparition of the Leraje, like a force-field in the shape of a robed woman. As I asked her if I can see her more clearly in the mirror, she showed herself as a young, beautiful woman, with almost elven-like features, wearing a blue velvet robe and hood. Across her chest she had slung a richly-carved, recurved bow.
I asked her to sow internal discord in those companies and also basically fuck-up their businesses until they have to close down. At first she was a bit suspicious and asked for a reason, and I explained it to her. Then her manner changed drastically and became very nice and caring and then told me that my actions will have temporary consequences in the industry that might backfire on me - at least for a while - before it can get better. I replied that it was a risk I can take. We agreed on some terms and she gave me deadline on when each company (there were a total of four) would close down. Let's wait and see.

(new reports to be added in the near future)

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