Pay attention to posting please

The Heptameron, the Key of Solomon, the Lemegeton, the Arbatel of Magic, the Book of Abramelin, etc.
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Pay attention to posting please

Post#1 » Tue Oct 13, 2015 9:45 am

I honestly do not want to be a douchebag, and do not mean for this forum to become a not so cozy place,

but I would like it to take upon myself the task of moderating this particular section with more vigilence.

Please think about these things before posting:

1. Is this title ok? Am I saying anything about the problem in my title, or am I just being vague, like I NEED HELP, or WHAT DO YOU GUYS THINK OF THIS or LOOKING FOR THIS THINGY FROM THAT AUTHOR WITH THE WRITING.

2. Is it really related to the grimoires?
Chances are, it s not.
Please post things about books in the book section, especially if they do not delve into practice of the grimoires.
Please post things related to random occult things that you know have nothing to do with the grimoires in the OffTopic Occult section.

3. Stop it.

Please use the search button on what you want to ask. Most people think they re the first ones to run into a question. Most likely, nope.

Please stop asking if anyone worked with a speciffic book. If you use the searchbutton and nothing, then no.
YOU work with it and tell us how it goes.

Please do your homework. If you want to summon Sitri, make sure you know what the Goetia is, what the Lemegeton is, who wrote them and what they believed in, and what you are expected to do. Crowley did not write the Goetia and Satan is not Enki.

Jerking off on a seal and pretending you hear Belial in your mid telling you how special you are is not magic.

4. Respect the grimoires.
If you re going to use the demons and the seals in the Goetia and say the Christian framework is bullshit, please stop. Do as you like, tell us about it, but do not think you re better than others.

I do not go around Chaos Magic forums and tell them they re fucking morons, I don t go around Morroco telling sorcerers that they re fucking idiots because they believe the Quran and I don t go around universities telling teachers to fuck off because i know better.
There is a multitude of magicians who came before you and practiced magic and write these books. And they got results.

Do so as well, and then question their methods. Do so before getting any results, and you are simply childish.

If you go your way on a traditional operation, taking out things, changing words, adding dedications and using tampons instead of wands, DO NOT ask us why it did not work.

We can be civilized as well as friedly :D Now have a beer and post crazy crap!
Do not PM me asking for spells or rituals. Do not PM me asking to be your tutor in magic: after 20-30 people do that and bail on you because they realise it s hard, it gets frustrating. I ll help any other way.

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