DSIC - Triangles and Angels

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DSIC - Triangles and Angels

Post#1 » Tue Dec 04, 2018 4:01 pm

For anyone using the Trithemius - Drawing Spirits into Crystals (DSIC) method, or indeed those using triangles more broadly, do you find angels are not always constrained by the triangle or crystal when called?

I used the ritual in Seven Spheres (slightly modified - in the placement of orphic hymn - it makes much more sense to me to place this at the beginning to attune to the sphere before evoking) on Monday to evoke the Archangel Gabriel. As I am still finishing my ebony pedestal, I simply placed the crystal in the centre of the triangle, so deviating there too. I have called Gabriel before using the same methodology (about 12 months ago) and Gabriel came through the same crystal I was using then.

I had a very clear visible manifestation and good communication, but the manifestation was around and above the whole altar, by no means constrained to the crystal or triangle.

Not that this troubles me in the least, it was a pretty darn awesome rite actually, but it does make me wonder whether our accoutrements really do constrain the higher spirits.

By contrast, I know that this particular TOP absolutely constrains demons. I don't tend to call demons into a triangle, I use a different method. However, I had the TOP on its side against the wall in my ritual room/study last year when I invoked a demon, and the demon I called still got trapped in the triangle. Surprised the heck out of me to hear a very clear and very pissed off voice coming from the corner of the room behind me 'what do you want.. magician......'
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