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Tattoo of Belial’s seal

Posted: Fri Mar 15, 2019 11:20 am
by TempleOfSolomon
I have a friend who practises Solomonic magick. She told me that after a recent goetic experiment with Kind Belial she decided to tattoo the spirit’s seal on her thigh. She told me she consulted the spirit on various matters and was so impressed by him - she wanted a continious contact with him and thought that getting a tattoo of his seal is the best way forward and she tells me that the spirit approved it. After getting a tattoo of Belial’s seal she started to expirience uncontrolled visions and events best described as magickal attacks. She is now considering getting it lasered out and asked me for advice but she also says that she now has much better sense of colour, sight and sound, her psychic abilities are much more enhanced overall and her level of creativity is increased. What are your thoughts?